maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog
HE IS SO RAD HOLY SHIT??? i love his design aaah


Anonymous asked: Can you tell us more about your monster character? He's so cute!!

Aaaah, I’m glad you like him! He’s still fairly new (although now all fleshed out, which is a Big Thing for me when it comes to characters) so everything he does has yet to come naturally to me, but I may give you a gist!


Veekrelka is his full name and he’s basically… a god. He’s one of the many divine entities that roam the realm this story is set in and he has lived in solitude for most if not all of his existence. He originally did not need to eat or drink, but has gotten accustomed to it, and over the centuries he has been active, has grown addicted to it. He hunts both for the thrill and for the meat he gorges himself with.

This is a long read, so click at your own risk!

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A quick note;

Just jolting this down while I still remember; thank you to everyone who commented and sent me such supportive asks last monday. I was feeling terrible, and tbh I still kinda do, but your support means the world to me. I don’t think I want to publish the asks I’ve got about Bombchu’s death, because let’s be honest—what do you reply to someone else’s condolences other thank “thank you from the bottom of my heart”? I don’t know…

So I will hold on to these little precious gems and reread them when I feel low and miss Bomb. She’ll live on with me in my heart and I hope I can one day stop blaming myself. Just… Thank you all so much. There are rare occasional times during which I wonder why in the world I’m on this website, and then you guys shine through to remind me it’s really only because of you. (Heart here bc phoneblogging) (ilu all)

(Also, I got your ask, anon, about my monster oc. I’ll reply asap!)

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Start your week off right with this inspiring post: Zelda Devon Art shares what she’s learned so far.

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Aawwww, thank you tumblr! Now i know i created my blog on July 20th, 2010, at 11:55 AM.

Happy birthday, lil blog! ♥♥

Hello! As close to none of you know, I’ll be attending Otakuthon this year as an artist, sharing table with the lovely frizz-the-bee who was kind enough to split it up with me♥

I will not have a lot of stock, but I will for sure have (various, not only pony-themed) prints and these as those up here as keychains or cellphone straps. There is one more item I’m looking into to sell as merch, but I would much rather not reveal it yet in case I can’t make it in time, y’know! So I’ll be working my butt off for this in the next month, let’s see how much I can achieve in such a short time. Phew, let’s go!



I put together some examples for $10 icon commissions~! (Which i think is funny when you look at how lazy I am for my own accounts…)

Drawing pokemon is so convenient, laughs, and it usually gives me the best idea for how long something will actually take me. 

look at these icons! LOOK AT THEM. so cool. buy an icon from my friend. do it. she’s great

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still important

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