maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

I should’ve. It would’ve hurt like hell. I’m so mad.

What the actual fuck

I’m waiting for a friend in front of a restaurant in Montreal chinatown and a dbag in a hoodie just walked by and either trying to grab my boob, my necklace or unplug my headphones

I’m mad I’m not impulsive, I should’ve punched him instead of swatting his hand away. He smirked and kept on walking. Fuck you.


Very important

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when u find someone else into the same really disgusting things as you


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Prints? Prints. (answers enabled now, SORRY)

I am 100% unmotivated by my own ideas this month, apparently. It seems I can only produce quality work if someone demands it, so this would be where you come into play!

Wanna see me draw a thing? Ever thought “damn, I wonder what [name] from [fandom] would look like in jag’s style”? Well now is your chance to not only see that, but get it on merch too! Buttons, keychains, prints, possibly pencil cases and coin purses. Try to keep it at show you think I would watch!

This isn’t me setting up a Storenvy, this is me attending a con within the month, but any leftovers would be sold or given away online!

Got any suggestions?

tonight is catching up on free! night

don’t look for me, i’m several episodes behind and I except the feels to hit very hard

i think it’s also worth mentioning

… that I got a very, very awesome thing in the mail last week

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mustachedragon asked: hello I am fluffy dragon

hello fluffy dragon UvU


puppygen:  omg non non non je suis zéro awesome je le juuuuuure ;-;


not nerd

YOU GOT ME, DARNELL. YOU GOT ME GOOD. biggest nerd alert i should be ashamed of myself UnU

mustachedragon: oh my god what is GOING ON. thank you very much for the sweet compliment. just..! Hahahaa oh boy.


distressed-robot-sounds asked: aaa i was wondering if you went to an art school for animation, if so which one? im super interested in animation and i'm curious about which schools are the best. also i've been following you for ages,,,i super admire your art omg

I did, actually! I went to a french college called Cégep du Vieux Montréal, where they have both a 2D animation and 3D animation program, taught by, well, animation veterans, really. I know a lot of animation programs in the Montreal area are either mediocre or have very little content or lack the support I feel an animation student requires, but this one I went to is a very, very intense 3 years long program that covers everything from concepts to puppet animation, going through traditional animation and a ton of exercises.

You leave the college program with your own animated short. Also, it’s worth mentioning that at this college, your animated short can only be done entirely by you, except for music. You may team up at Gobelins, and I think Sheridan too, but at Vieux Montréal, not a soul can help you draw, paint or animate. Teachers are there to guide you but it’s a very tough experience (BUT FUN I SWEAR)(albeit stressful).

I think it was obvious in my first sentence, but I will reiterate just in case; the program is french. There is no english branch! I would attend again if I could, though. I feel like I don’t remember enough from the classes, gah.

I hope this helped!! ;v;