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This is one of those pictures that didn’t go according to plan at all. I can’t say I’m notsurprised completely taken aback at least a little pleased with the outcome, though. This is also one of those pictures I’ll look back on tomorrow and probably frown in disappointment at. Oh well.

For those who didn’t know, Haydn is a bomb expert. Blowing shit ‘n’ people up is his thing. Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

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    Original concept & art
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  4. ammoth said: I think it looks pretty badass! It has a lot of movement and flow to it, and the bold colors really show the brightness and blinding light and noise an explosion usually produces. Plus, wonderful job on a distorted perspective, that’s hard to draw!
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  8. la-nita said: This is so awesome! I don’t know what I like more… the perpective, the dynamics on it… or the actual guy… I think it’s everything! xD Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too! x3
  9. crispyfishsticks said: He is awesome, and so is this!
  10. ziggyzagz said: OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh DEM COLORS
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