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It’s possible that some people just might be a little more irritated than others when they see characters that are their skin tone getting lightened up constantly. Tends to grate on some people’s nerves.


I actually hadn’t heard any commotion about Korra until now. D:

As a minority, I do find whitewashing hurtful, but I’m more frustrated at the general pattern than I am at any one particular artist. I don’t think I would confront any particular artist over this because you know, I can’t really tell what went through his/her head in making a piece; in most cases it really just is lighting choices, or the artist’s style, or sometimes even lack of ability to depict a particular ethnicity well! I’ve seen maybe one artist actually come out and say “yeah, I drew x character as a white person because I don’t like black people” in all my time browsing the internet, so I don’t think that’s representative of all artists accused of whitewashing. 

I worry when people cry “racist” so often because it devalues the fight against real racists, and racism is definitely something that’s worth getting angry about! At the same time… I don’t know. It’s not productive to come down on any one particular artist who may or may not be racist, but it’s just really frustrating when the whitewashing is so prevalent and there’s no outlet for expression.

Omg bby, I didn’t mean to imply that whitewashing isn’t really fucking horrible, because I do think it is omg hgfhdgkd!! I just think that like many many other words, it has become overused and people use it for everything they find slightly insulting (much like your example for “racist”). Imo, to be told you’re “whitewashing” for x reason is just as insulting for the person who isn’t even trying to do so as it is when someone targeted by whitewashing, because in both, the accusing side is making assumptions about the other side? I don’t know, maybe it’s just my really ignorant POV :c

Weh I just don’t like when people jump the gun immediately. :/

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    Yeah okay, if the artist replies something like “fuq u they look better lighter” then there is… kinda really something...
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  3. littledigits said: I highly doubt the artist made her lighter because WHITER IS BETTER - But because those were her color choices , and even if people say they are incorrect…then so what? We all make mistakes. Its not a reason to target her at all.