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So 05/31 was my 23rd birthday, and it’s made me really… reflective, I guess, similarly to New Years and Thanksgiving and whatever, days of thanks and promise and introspection.  Maybe.  For me, at least.  I was thinking about the years of being on the internet, which feel both long and short (I first gained access in 2005) and some of those times are hazy now in the fog of so much change.  It’s hard to reflect when I barely recognise much of the past, in comparison to what’s now!  And there are things that are very clear, still.  Friendships and interests have shaped and shifted.  Some things I just can’t forget.  (Chimera used to be so skinny??  Everyone had facial markings?  I used “XD” and listened almost exclusively to industrial music?  I use SAI about as well as I did in 2008?  I was really embarrassing in art school?  How was I so nocturnal?… that, I’d like to have back.)

Anyway, the real point of the entry is this… I’m a pretty shy, small person most of the time (unfortunately) and I just want to do a basic shout-out to/about some people…  Some I’ve met recently, others I’ve known for years, some fall into other categories entirely.

My friends / Inspirations / People I think are awesome

Joobr | Lyle | Tish | Paul | Cat | Mon | Niq | Sarsel | Naomi | John Woods | Sarah | Sophia | Freckled |  Corinne |  Rattles | Rose | Sid | Jessie | Kassie | Kassi | Fiz | Retrolex | Allison | Mariel | Arty | Kei | Thomas | Reagan | Ren | Riku | Casey |  Hanni | Choo | Baru | Amanda | Melna | Morghan | Musa | Grace | Sloane | Goatpox | Michelle | Tank | Oliver | Zig | Paexie | Becky Cloonan | Sterling Hundley | Nivbed | Weja | Klslwsk | Hangbird | Jaybeep | Felix | Ginsengandhoney | Jag | Smokingmegaphone | Scary |  Kveldahiim | Noora | Lucjan | Sam | Skoptsy | AlexGreg | Bya | Alex Stodolnik | Rask | Yali | Rin | Dana | Briar | Frankie | Pink Narcissus | Saubey |  Books Paper Scissors | SirFish | Nicole | Box | Buttbear | Gaelle | Adrien | Milokey | Hannah | Emily | Romain | Teamister | Avery | Bwenner | Mistergrundy | Crowthis | Verticalart | Dan | Phineas  … and so so so so so many more.  (My full list of “inspirations” is pretty hefty.  To name a few, Ashley Wood, Yoji Shinkawa, Jenna Chew, Derek Hess, Yoshitoshi Abe, Hayao Miyazaki, Egon Schiele, Julie Dillon, Sam Weber, Joao Ruas, James Jean, Ray Jones, Maria Anatolievna, Yana Moskaluk, Katsuhiro Otomo, Jill Thompson, Michael Zulli, ah dude it goes forever.)

Whether we talk all the time, rarely ever talk, or I just eye you from afar, I still think you are awesome and thank you very much for the inspiration and support and good feelings.  There are a million people who make everything seem worthwhile, ranging from friends to pros in the field I’ll probably never meet.  A reasonable number of them are on tumblr and are really cool and I’m just very honoured to be able to share the same bit of space here.  In all likelihood it’ll be the only bit of space we share… the internet is as vast as the world and it means a lot that there are a good group of people who enjoy my work, and that there are people whose work I can enjoy from what feels like less of a distance.  So thank you for allowing me to be another witness to your journeys, and thank you for wanting to be part of my journey, too!  I hope I get a lot better as both an artist and a person in the years to come.

Okay that’s all <3

Oh my gosh is this really happening omg sweetie I never saw this AND I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY and I have absolutely no excuse but… nngh we don’t really talk to eachother and I know that, but I hope your had a wonderful birthday, and you definitely deserve to be happy. I know you’ve had insecurities about the big ol’ internet and your art, but… man you are inspiring. Your art is, but you are as well, as a person. You work so hard to get where you want to be, and it’s admirable. And of course, your art is just… hjfkdfg. It’s so expressive and lively. You improve so fast and so smoothly I seriously wonder how you do it, sometimes (not an actual “how do” because hard work would be the answer, but more of a “I’M REALLY IMPRESSED, HOLY FIDDLESTICKS”) Your OCs are also really just… amazing and have so much depth, haha. I think Cat has told me about them more than I knew about them by looking at your blog, and ngl those paintings she has hung up in her room are still fabulous and I stare at them every weekend, haha.

ANYWAYS YOU’RE AWESOME AND INSPIRING and don’t ever doubt that. ;n; (and hfdjkfs thank you wow I can’t believe I’m in that list hahahdhsjkfd) (and happy REALLY LATE birthday, sobs)

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