maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Sometimes I indulge in drawing my favourite psychos uvu (who also happen to be uh… genetically altered catboys)

  1. nessimaki said: omg.. i love these guys already gently caresses my screen
  2. ammoth said: Oooh lovely, the expressions of these are really gorgeous! And I’m really fond of the sublte shading, like juuuust around the eyes and chin, just little touches of it, it just… works very well. They’re really cool!
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    TEHEHE can’t believe we created them when we were 15 LOL I still love them a lot though, even though they are cat boys...
  6. halbermonstern said: MY BABIIIIIIES!!!!!!! KJFNGKRJGBKRJBG
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