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Doodling ponies at Otakuthon! (Table 303!) :3

Hello! As close to none of you know, I’ll be attending Otakuthon this year as an artist, sharing table with the lovely frizz-the-bee who was kind enough to split it up with me♥

I will not have a lot of stock, but I will for sure have (various, not only pony-themed) prints and these as those up here as keychains or cellphone straps. There is one more item I’m looking into to sell as merch, but I would much rather not reveal it yet in case I can’t make it in time, y’know! So I’ll be working my butt off for this in the next month, let’s see how much I can achieve in such a short time. Phew, let’s go!


"Oh yeah, way more than a shiny castle. If I’ve learned anything about you it’s that you love open spaces!"

Hawthorn smiled in response.

Where are they going, I wonder?


"I-I don’t know, y-you know I don’t know," Hawthorn looked up at the sky, where the stars shone bright. “I’ve just been away so long! What if nopony remembers me?”

Lemon Sip laughed softly and she nudged the stallion. “Silly, of course they’ll remember! A lot happened while you were gone, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your place among us. It just means you need someone to show you around, and I’m just the mare for the job!”

The stallion smiled at her enthusiasm; she never struggled to cheer him up when he came back from his longer trips, and that, he greatly appreciated. Ponyville had changed drastically this time around and made his return tougher than usual. “Has she been around lately?”

She chuckled. “Yes, yes she has.”

A thing for Kaybee, mod of the wonderful askgargle! Happy birthday!

Without repeating what I said in my previous text post (although it still stands), I must say I get really excited to draw things for the birthdays of people whose work interest me aplenty. Kaybee is super dedicated to her updates, and it shows in each art post. Detail, expressions, dynamism… whew! Not to mention the adorable to boot main character, Gargle!

Takin’ out my old marker skills for a special occasion! In case you didn’t know yet, it was (still is for 30 minutes) doodleloser's birthday today!

I’m ashamed to say I forgot her cutie mark, but it’s been so, so incredibly long since I last used markers it’s almost a miracle I remember the way to sketch under that. I should definitely practice more with these!


A Rarity drawn a little bit over a year ago, but I just decided to slap some quick colours on. Enjoy!

Long, long overdue sketch page of my pony OC, Pitter Patter, or Pippa for short, that I got from AJ forever ago She’s a foal and Bud's baby sister! Her talent lies with small animals, especially those considered vermin by gardeners. She's acquainted with Lemon Sip who serves her favourite beverages all summer long!

People need to stop trying to drag Lauren Faust to more brony conventions. ›


So today, Capper General and /MLP/ sent a message to Lauren Faust on twitter, offering up a bottle of 2003 Pinot Noir as a kicker to have her go to Babscon. Lauren declined politely as possible, stating that she doesn’t believe she has anything else relevant to add to all of the…

Brony or not, you should read this. I think the values Lauren brought to life with her ideas for FiM are not only love and tolerance, but also respect. After politely declining over and over, (stop me if I’m being delusional) I would have thought the public would have understood the message she sent.

She has obviously been hurt in all of this, the show was her project. Her new little thing she was bringing to the world. The least anyone, especially anyone claiming to be a fan of the show, could do is respect her wishes. Respect her desire to put MLP behind her.

Printing out tests for a little something I want to do but I’m not sure I can make work just yet..! Don’t worry about all that wasted blank space on the paper, it’s all just for tests c: