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Hello! I’m Night Mist—although I would really, really appreciate if you would simply call me Mist. My little brother, Wind Whistler, invited me over—he and miss Duster only spoke positively of everypony here I couldn’t help but to be curious!

I’m a weather enthusiast—mostly winter enthusiast, I should say! There is absolutely nothing like bundling yourself up in the cold with a hot cup of cocoa, in my opinion~!

Yeah idc, this is my 1,001st post and it’s a pony reblog from myself, yolo. This goes here because I’m actually happy with my recent renders! They just happen to be ponies c:


Lil’ something for sehtafrost! I know you said not to draw Seh’ta but, truth be told, he’s just too cute for me not to. So I drew him having a chat with my Wind Whistler; since they’re both winter ponies, I figure they’d have quite a bit to chat about!

This goes here, too, because I like how it turned out ;w;

I’m being incredibly self-indulgent with these. good night!

Applejack is still my favourite, and forever will beeeeee


Well you’ve got opportunity, in this very community! He’s Flim! - he’s Flam!, we’re the world famous Flim Flam brothers!

I extremely rarely reblog myself, but I felt like it with this piece! UvU

Well you’ve got opportunity, in this very community! He’s Flim! - he’s Flam!, we’re the world famous Flim Flam brothers!





it’s finally done! WOWOWOW absolutely gorgeous

This is a fananimation?! 
It’s absolutely gorgeous ;;

I hope everyone stops to look at this. Even if you don’t like MLP. The animation is breathtaking, especially when Luna is flying about in the sky. So graceful, so ladylike, so mysterious and gentle! I urge you to watch and listen!


Pipa doesn’t like owls, so Bud always has to scare them off for her to play in the garden.

SUCH PRECIOUS BABIES.<3 Bud is mine, Pitter Patter is Jag’s.


PIPA IS SO CUTE DHJKSD AND THANK YOU BUD owls are freaking SCARY for a wee pony hahaha gfjsdf she’s just so terrified they’d gobble her right out or gouge her eyes out with their beak HAHA god

(and she’ not affraid of tiny things from rats to spiders and crickets)(ur gross pipa but ilu <3)

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And here we go! I think by now y’all know what was in this little package I shipped on to AJ on Tuesday. For your enjoyment (and mine HEHE), I thought I would post the pictures I took of the sculpture I made for her, of her pony character Princess Charming. (Word goes around that she hides wings under that big cloak of hers…)

And of course, because the sculpture was orignally a christmas present (I can no longer pull the “fashionably late” card gomen), I decided to whip out a little something with makers, on a piece of wood of her characters Citrus Tang and Poppy! I actually really love drawing on wood?! Dayyyuuuum, who would’ve known, haha.





I don’t care how you feel about friendship or magic literally everybody needs to watch this video right now


This is pretty much it, good video. In fact, this video talks about one of the major conflicts a lot of girls (like me!) have in adolescence: the concept of femininity is bogged down with so much social bullshit and systematic unfairness (and believe me, even as little kids we can tell) that lots of us feel we have to reject feminine things because we don’t want any of that crap. Even if we like it.

And I suspect, this goes for boys too. Because things associated with girls are also associated with that social bullshit, and they get constantly shamed by their peers to maintain their masculinity (The ‘Fag Discourse’, from C.J. Pascoe, this is an excerpt from a book I think all bronies should read) in adolescence, so they can’t easily take coded feminine things out of  their dark hole either.

I would have felt way less ashamed of myself when I was a little kid if I had discourse like this to follow.

This video is spot on, and I encourage everyone to watch it, even if you’re not a pegasister or a brony.

Applause gif that I can’t dig up right now.

Yes, yes, yes. This is exactly why I fell in love with this show.

I watched this a while ago, and I could not comprehend how someone else had been able to put my thoughts and opinions together so beautifully in one single video. I cannot stress how IMPORTANT it is for ANYONE to watch this, even if you hate MLP.

Yes, it is just THAT important.

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