maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

I really felt like drawing animals & cute clothes and so I drew an anthro stoat, yeh UvU

irish-hugz said:ooh ooh! can you draw my mouse baby Abigail? (this picture doesn’t show it much, but she has an adventurous personality […]

Abigail for irish-hugz! Abigail looks so sweet, I couldn’t resist *v* I also kinda got carried away with colours. I hope you like it & the little extra!

I have absolutely NO idea if that’s what you meant but I got inspired haha OTL i hope you like it anyway ;w;




Post-it doodle I took a picure of and sent to AJ through message text because she was feeling down uvu She asked that I post it here hehe

Posting it ‘cause I did it. I’m not too sure about… it. About the whole thing now. OH WELL.

I will consider it done now! I made her coat a wee bit lighter and added some lighter/darker fur to her body so that the contrast wouldn’t solely rely on the shading.

Thank you all for the constructive critism/input, it was really great ;w;

ugh I’ve been colouring this for hours (on and off, admittedly) and I kept switching back and forth between brown and white doe. I think I’ve settled on the brown, but… eh! DECISIONS!

Don’t ask why suddenly anthros because

because :c

I’ve been hesitating to post this, but since it’s all I did today that was remotely productive (other than going out to buy shorts) (I haven’t had/worn shorts for about 6 years guys), YOU GET TO SEE THESE SILLY CONCEPT/CHARACTER DESIGN SKETCHES. I’m gonna rework his leg:torso proportion ratio tomorrow so he looks even more like a ferret.

does this make me a furry? I’m trying to go for classy anthros sobsobb.