maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog


Ponies for Jaaaag! I love looking at this guy, he’s soooo cute. I was also watching Hercules and seeing pegasus scoot and toot around really reminded me of this character. I can just picture him prancing around and doing a whistle or something. Hehe, so I did my best to replicate it. BUT I’LL BE DRAWING LOADS MORE OF THIS PONY. He’s just to much fun. <3

REBLOGGING CUZ I CAAAANNNNNNNN sgkdsjfkdjs man okay I’m really REALLY DIGGING IT WHEN PEOPLE DRAW HAWTHORN?! Like, I really love how people interpret him and draw him it makes me so happy fuq.

GOD JUST LOOK AT HIM SMILE AND WHISTLE, THAT’S SO IN-CHARACTER FOR HIM. He’s my cheerful/clumsy bby and you and Keshi drew him so fabulously ;n; nnngh THANK YOU AGAIN ASHI IT’S REALLY ADORBS!! NO WORDS DSGKJFDHSKJ.

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My part of an art trade with Jag <3

ghjsgfkds TANKUUU you got to it so fast omg I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES WHEN I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND SAW THIS. I’m so happy omguuu. SERIOUSLY I LOVE THE POSE and the hair omg AND HIS FAAACE WAAAHH Tanku this is so precious ;___; SOB SOB I love the texture in the wings and— THIS WILL LOO STUPID BUT… THAT SHAPE BEHIND HIM?! I LOVE IT??! It just rounds up the composition and IT FITS SO WELL. Ugh I suck with words right now JAG STOP TRYING TO THINK AND JUST LET THE WORDS OUTTA YOUR MOUTH FINGERS.

(also everyone should visit her, obv, because he has amazing OCs and WONDERFUL ART)


I could not resist drawing this wonderful wee creature! Jag’s Jasmine just…man she is so cute and fun to draw…man you make the coolest oc’s! 

She was really fun to draw! if you havent gone to Jag’s blog yet then GET THERE. It’s worth it! 

UNF UNF ;u; Keeeeezzzzz this is so CUTE! I love how you drew her hair and MOUTH HEHEHE. The pose is really sweet too, SHE’S BEEN DIPPIN’ HER TOESIES IN WATER HOW CUTE IS THAT. I love your sketches, kez ;w; Her head braaaaaaanches ;O; SOCUTE. Thank you so much! WAHAWAAAHHH. -wibble-


Sketch trade with Jagzilla of her OC Phen.  I’m a sucker for guys with big wings, ahha.  I was going to give him fancy clothes but… you all know how good I am with putting clothes on things.  

Hope you like!

NNNNNNNNGGGHHHH oh my god seriously, that’s the best thing to come back to ;___; I’m ridiculously in love with the way you draw wings and hair (and everything, seriously) and the fact you accepted to art trade with me is just ???!?! God I can’t express my feelings properly and NOW I JUST FEEL LIKE MY HALF WILL BE LIKE…. WELL….. THIS ISN’T AS GOOD AS I HOPED IT WOULD BE…..

AAAhH hjkhks sob ;__;  Also… I just realised no refs I gave you for him shown him with his eyes open, I’m so sorry hgkfgd.

I kindof NEED to also say that everyone should follow this girl? She has the most expressive way of drawing the amazing beats she comes up with, one of the most creative people I’ve ever followed and she draws humans too hjdkd sob ;n; It’s ridiculous to say this but I ALSO MET HER AT ANIME NORTH MANY YEARS AGO… (At least I think it was you?! Anyways, my irl friend Kuraime had introduced me to your art back then and we were going because she had to give Kilara a trad/ink art trade and I was basically just creepin’)(You shouldn’t remember, IF IT EVEN WAS YOU HAHAhfjkhdfjgk)(If it,s not you I’m VERY SORRY and yet extremely confused because I didn’t know my memory sucked that much)

hdfjkhsdkjfhsdg Thank you so much AAAHH all my tears, all my everything 8U8 You drew my Phen PERFECTLYYY.