maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

This is literally the only thing I’ve been able to draw since Bee. And it’s tiny, tiny, tiny!

Props to me for losing interest after lineart stage!

The thing I inked traditionally a day or two ago, sigh.

i drew gay oops

I don’t think either Haydn or Blixa ever celebrated Christmas/New Year, but they know about it (mind you, the setting for their story is 250 years after the apocalypse so yeah). Pretty sure people on the surface celebrate it like there’s no tomorrow, but them underground peeps have other things to mind. tmi jag no1 curs

Belated happy new year to everyone, you guys have been so lovely to me! kisses every single one of you on da cheek and hugs you4eva 5eva

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. It’s pretty much one of the few holidays I’m incredibely excited for! So I thought to give you some cheap makeup’d headshots. Yep.


idk what to write about this -shrug- Sketches I did here and there. The humanized Fluttershy one is a bit old, but I still like it. I’m just too lazy to actually clean it and do something with it. Also hey, have some lizard thing that will be compared to HTTYD in a second.

(Tumblr, y u so dumb! Bigger sized version here.)

That’s what happens at work when you give me large post-its. Large. Post-its.

MLP Blitzle because everyone else and their bro has done it already, and the rest are… hahaha. They’re srs characters as pokemon. The Blitzle’s Blixa, and the Scrafty is Haydn. For the sake of species incompatibility and not traumatizing my brain, I will pretend they’re just close friends when they’re pokemon. Okay? okay. good. @w@

I have one more to post but scanner stopped responding for the night :T ALSO I REDISCOVERED MY LONG LOST LOVE FOR DRAWING HORSES what the fuck.

Gay everywhere 8T

Blixaaaaaaaa dhgjksdfdfjsl.♥ Character is not mine, sadly.