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Doodle prompts!

Not in order any more haha. I have never even given a THOUGHT about what a “jagmonster” looked like, to be honest! I just liked how it sounded. And I felt so sad for that bby cyclops girl that I had to draw her happy at least once.

And obvs, Dan, you underestimate my love for your characters (esp. there three and i can’t say vice isn’t hot stuff). I hope these aren’t too disappointed for anyone! I had a lot of fun doing those, and will probably keep the rest of the list for when I’m bored again c:

For Fuuuuuuun! HUMMMM I know I wished you a happy birthday like… twice… and that your bday was now forever ago, BUT EH I ALWAYS WANTED TO DRAW SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YEAH WOW OK GO AWAY I DO WHAT I WANT CRIES AND SHUNS SELF AWAY FROM EVERYONE.

Wow Lou where the hell did you get those shoes why are you even wearing shoes I thought you only ever wore boots wow you’re so inconsistent. (I have no excuses for the shoes idk what he wears and if he absolutely hates shoes then SORRY IDK THOSE KINDA THINGS…. sOB….)

Iiiiiiii hope you like it aaaaahh ok going back to hiding