maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Sketch dump 02! This one has a theme; BUNNIES. I was trying to develop a style for an animation project that will never see the day, and this was basically my process (minus the anatomy studies from photos I did before and in-between those) in chronological order.

I don’t have much more to write about those, other than they’ve also all been drawn last year. (●´∀`●)

I am officially back from vacation and I got some sketches done, too! Drawing out of my usual environments was such a good thing for me; it felt like the perfect opportunity to try new things in order to get out of my comfort zone. (but at the same time, indulge in some aspects I NEVER let myself indulge in!)

She’s a superhero, haha. I hadn’t thought up of a name for her until I uploaded these here; Ray!

Demon/creature thing design I did for fun! My project was called off so I was left with a bit of time on my own on this beautiful tablet.

She would be this loser's best friend

and she doesn’t have a name yet either, go me

Quick photo of something I’d like to finish one day! Drawn yesterday at my friends’ plaaace.

Character concepts for an old OC of mine. I revamped her not long ago with my friend, Desquare, along with said friend’s OC. They both share an odd journey that starts off in a rather…. unpleasant way.

More Jasmine concept art! This is quite old (probably at least 4 months old) but i always thought i should wait until i have more to go with it. Unfortunately, life got busy for me!

(Uploading photos to tumblr from my iPhone is a weird task man.)

I did a bit of studies yesterday, all about Jasmine’s world/story. A little sneak peek on a possible project.

Doodles for something with Corg. I’ve had Nate on Subeta for the longest time, now, and it’s about time I did something with it.

I adore creating ocs and yet I despise it so much. I never feel original but I think that was in the fine prints I didn’t read when I accidently signed up for an artist’s life instead of the Stable Job And Big Money life contract, sighs.