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It’s been a very… down/bleh/non-motivational day.  Started and stopped a bunch of things, slept a lot, burnout has caught up again.  Bordering on not wanting to draw at all, but force of habit and stubbornness keep me at the computer.

So!  Aimless doodle for Jagzilla, of her conja thing, because I saw she uploaded something and ended up rolling through her art tag and then was like oo tree antlers I can draw that. <333

Gotta be honest, I had an absolute shit day and I’m in the worst of moods right now, but… wow this made me cry (more) ahahaha. Thank you so much Allison oh my god I love how you drew him! The way you drew the head branches is a lot more blocky and.. twisted than what I’m able to do and I absolutely LOVE that hkjfddhfjk His face is delightfully both square and rounded and SO gorgeous and I just can’t get over it NNNGH and the background.. okay it’s… surprisingly simple but I really adore it, it gives the whole picture an almost spooky and mysterious feel and it gives ME all the feels nngh ;__;

long story short: i really like twisted things and trees

also, sorry i can’t be more eloquent right now haha! but thank you so much ;____;!! ilu weh♥♥♥

First concept of an old conja, drawn a few weeks ago. Dunno why s/he’s naked!

Happily delivering more Jasmine to you gaiz. Where has my patience gone to? I swear I could spend days and weeks working on a single thing a few years ago, but now I can barely stand to look at it two days in a row. It took WAY much more time than it should have, it’s ridiculous.

Bits ‘n facts: The fauna on Asaea isn’t particularly out of the ordinary, but has a lot to do with crystals and rocks, in my mind.

TINY PIC because the full size isn’t in my photobucket, and probably lost in the abyss of my broken PC downstairs, SOB ;n;

A relatively old OC of mine how is/was part of a world a friend and I had started built. Said friend and I don,t talk much anymore, which saddens me immensely, but I still love my bby. She’s female, her name is Jasmine. Her and her people grow tea leaves on their head and they actually drink it, since it’s sortof part of their souls, and it’s an extremely bitter liquid no one else can really ingest. I don’t know why I’m sharing this now, but I guess I need to get it off her Subeta page and somewhere where people will look, haha!

Enjoy the fruits of my limited creativity! <3

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