maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

YES MAY IT WAS… and thank you bby i love you too ;w;

Even though Lacey scolded me about drawing things for people on my birthday… I DOODLED CAT MADISON BECAUSE I CAN OK and because I don’t remember there being a cat!madi before though there probably is one already but dayum who cares also it’s technically not my birthday anymore HEHEH. Sorry I took so long to reply May!! ILU AND TY AGAIN♥

THANK YOU BBY ;U; I know you sent this yesterday but I really wanted to draw you something and I wasn’t at home hjkfgd haha.. I couldn’t figure out who to draw for you and somehow, my silly “hahahaahahahaaha what if i just turned everyone into cats i wonder what The Librarian would look like as a cat” went out of hand really quickly when I looked up siamese cat photos and saw The Librarian in those icy blue eyes

I had a wonderful weekend, honestly! We watched all the Hannibal movies and went to the biodome in the city with friends and I doodles some of the freakishly huge fish there and then we went to eat and it was amazing  (◡‿◡✿) 

K I’M DONE ILU2 YOU’RE THE BEST. Thank you for thinking of it haha ;u;”

yourejustalineinasong asked: your cloud gnorbu drawing is so adorable i can't take it

He says thank you, and so do I! ;u;♥

forkwands asked: I don't mind my birthday-- it's gifts I can't stand. Any holiday-- it's the gifts. When I was younger, I was very fortunate. My mom spend thousands of dollars on us at Christmas. It was insane and... I hated it. I felt like she thought she could only prove her love through presents-- and as I grew older, I released that was exactly what she was doing. Subconsciously I feel like everyone is trying to buy my love now and I can't figure out how to make that feeling stop. OTL

… and it would suck if I just downright hated all the bought gifts. The fact that they’re material possessions bought with money does bother me, because, well… not everyone I hang out with is exactly wealthy. None of them are, really. I used to think the way you do, but I slowly started to realize that perhaps it was the only way they would communicate their appreciation to me?

I personally now find it rather easy to tell apart a gift bought with money because it’s your birthday and they needed to give you something, and something that had been thought of, carefully chosen and bought.

I’m thinking of this now because my girlfriend (who’s p. well versed in writing & drawing) texted me yesterday telling me she had bought my gift(s), and… I know her. I know she knows me better than anyone else, and I know the things she bought were bought with care and love! Both her and my mom overhear me talking about things I might want and note them down, and yet, every year, once week before my actual birthday, I have absolutely nothing material to ask for. I never have a list, I never want to make one, and I can’t even THINK of a single thing I’d want! If people don’t buy me anything, I don’t mind—more often than not, they’re people who offer to spend a day with me instead ;u;

WOW THAT WAS LONG. I think I might’ve just drowned my point in all of this blabbering… but did you ever try asking your mom to stop buying you things? Or the people around you? The moment they ask you what you want, tell them you don’t want anything, but that a lunch, a dinner, or an evening together would make you happy. Try to tell them, but also try to see their efforts c: Some people (LIKE ME HELLO HI HI) are really bad at conveying their feelings through words and will try to communicate it through gifts. If it makes you uncomfortable, telling them honestly how you feel will most likely help♥

I hope I wasn’t too dense/that this wasn’t too boring to read ;v; Thank you for your ask, and I really hope this situation gets better for you, because I totally know the feeling, ugh!

strangelyindecisive asked: *swaggers her way in* I understand your feelings about that day, I say the same thing about mine pretty much every year. " Don't need to celebrate, don't want anything" If there is something that I have come to learn it's that Yes it's there to celebrate your life, but it's always a day that the people who love you can express just how much you mean to them. I try to think of it that way makes it seems a lot better. Also happy almost birthday because your so CUTE! i wanna play with your Mohawk

I know what you mean!I’ve honestly been trying to reason myself with taht exact thought for a few year but I still felt like everything was forced, like I was a waste of space, and that everybody would have an easy time moving on if I disappeared. It’s NOT a healthy thought, obviously, and I know how terribly wrong I am thanks to the people closer to me, and you guys ;v;

hgkjfd thank you AAH I’m not really that cute, but I can keep on dreaming uvu Thank you for your ask, btw, it’s really neat to know other people know the feeling!

sheepsuit asked: I know a girl who felt similar to you in terms of her birthday. I would have accepted this but the problem was she was so sweet and intent on planning everyone else's birthday (as freshmen in college we had a friend with a birthday 3 weeks after the first day and she put together a huge party and she just kept doing it for all our friends!). So I made it my mission to find out her b-day. After intense Facebook stalking I finally found it and made her day (privately) special to show her I cared

Oh my gosh, this is totally the sweetest thing you could do for her! I’m certain she was extremely grateful, even if she might not’ve showed it right away, hehe ;U; You’re a wonderful person, definitely!!

mettrozexual asked: Wahhh your birthday is coming up? Happy Whatever Day that Is!! :D A lot of my friends don't like celebrating their bdays for the same reason, but I can't help but get excited about mine lol (it's on halloween ;D)

YOU ONLY HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDATE EVER?? WOW I’m really jelly like woah I too would be insanely excited about my birthday if everyone just walked around in all kinds of costumes during it dshjfksd

Mine is actually next week haha, so thank you! ;w; Thank you a lot sweetie, you’re awesome fhjkgdf omg ♥

Anonymous asked: Aww Jag your hair looks cute and happy almost birthday!

GUH thank you anon bby ;n; You’re a sweetheart and I want to give you all the hugs