maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

The biggest misconception I had about this game was that this pretty boy was a rogue. Nope, turns out he’s a warrior.

Full thing and a detail shot of the Moomins print I had at Otakuthon 2014. This print was 100% self indulgent, I didn’t even intend to sell any (which, to my surprise, some were very excited about)! I’m slowly getting around to posting the new things I did for the convention.

EDIT: because tumblr is a big pile of poo and resizes the first image, here’s a reasonably sized version!

So I restarted my ME1 game with a new Shepard…

I told felitomkinson I’d draw her incredibly badass OC, Gaman, so I did♥ Voila! She is literally tons of fun to work with, so much I lost control halfway through, hence all the pink fdhjsdkf


Last one, artist alley is noooow closed! See you tomorrow, Otakuthon uvu

A Marceline, just because I can.

Sketch commission as Otakuthon uvu Marco from SnK! I always wanted an excuse to draw him so HEHEH.

More WIPs!

So as I’ve stated before, I’m going to attend Otakuuthon this year as an artist! My Salior Moon piece is now done and done, finally! Here’s a sneak peek;

And I am now onto another, bigger (in print size) piece!

Look at all of those layers, phew.

Doodles of some of my WoW toons, because I need to remember they don’t need to look like the old low-poly models they are rn. They are partially naked because I can’t be bothered with drawing complicated armor, hell naw. (especially since some of those are in ridic leveling outfits)

They are my babies and I love them UvU

Thought I’d share my breakfast doodles while I work on the other thing! I went to see Lego Movie yesterday with my roomies and it was absolutely great. Astounding writing, gorgeous animation, breath-taking special effects!

Plus, who can resist Unikitty (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)