maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

A thing for Kaybee, mod of the wonderful askgargle! Happy birthday!

Without repeating what I said in my previous text post (although it still stands), I must say I get really excited to draw things for the birthdays of people whose work interest me aplenty. Kaybee is super dedicated to her updates, and it shows in each art post. Detail, expressions, dynamism… whew! Not to mention the adorable to boot main character, Gargle!

CATS and a muun! I can’t tag you guys (i’m so sorry!) because I’m on my phone and it’s a PAIN to look for which tumblr user name goes with what ref URL ;w; so I hope you see this!

I would’ve kept going—heck I was in the middle of a sketch when the ceiling light overheated and gave out! So now I’m sitting in the dark, fumbling, trying to gather my pens and pencils back in my pencil case before I sleep. Ugh. I was on a roll, too! Sorry ;; I hope I can maybe do one or two more tomorrow, but I don’t guarantee anything!

Thank you all SO MUCH for the suggestions, you all have such interesting OCs omg it was so hard to pick


Noel hasn’t been feeling well, and these two unicorns decided to accompany her through her sad times. Trust in their magic! They are here to bring you calm and happiness.

I hope you feel better in the morning, bb, you deserve loads of great things in life. You’re such a wonderful and inspiring person, and I miss working with you!

My early Christmas present to AJ, because she’s, as her blog says, kind of terribly awesome! She’s honestly been one of the people I got to know best this year, and I don,t regret a minute of it. She’s been there for me through tough times and I try to be there for her as well. (it’s hard stuff, seeing as we live in different countries and all!)

She’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, and I know I say it every time, but I can’t stress it enough. She’s had tough things to deal with, but no matter the things that try to stop her, you’ll never see her backpedal. She might slow down, get sad, but sooner than you can even think about trying to cheer her up, she’s be back on her feel and jumping over the obstacles. She’s all kinds of awesome, and that’s the freakin’ truth

So I drew her a lil’ birdeer, Rye! Go figure why I felt like painting today, but I did. I don’t think I ever managed to complete a painting in a SINGLE sitting before! PHEW. I need to rest now! I HOPE YOU LIKE AJ AND I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS WITH PROV!

irish-hugz said:ooh ooh! can you draw my mouse baby Abigail? (this picture doesn’t show it much, but she has an adventurous personality […]

Abigail for irish-hugz! Abigail looks so sweet, I couldn’t resist *v* I also kinda got carried away with colours. I hope you like it & the little extra!

Quick thing I did and sent my bud by text message this morning to cheer her on. She had a rough day ahead! Figured I’d upload something here even though it’s nothing very elaborate!



For Rose, because Beaux is just too adorable♥

Also because she’s a really nice artist with an awesome, loose style that flows really well!

edit: WHOOPS I’M A BIG DUMBASS and forgot some markings SORRY ROSE hdfsjkfsd ;w;


it’s her birthday tomorrow and i originally wanted to draw her pyro but wow Aero kind jumped in my face all NO ASSHOLE DRAW ME INSTEAD so i complied and drew her………. strip… ping…? TAKING OFF A TIE???

wow sorry about that i think aero really wanted to be intimate with me???!! ANYWAYS YOU’RE ADORBS AND SUPER TALENTED CORGI NEVER STOP. YOU’RE HILARIOUS TOO. NEVER EVER QUIT. and never quit the internet pls i would miss u a bunch uvu♥

Preliminary sketch of a bust turn-around of Sebastian, Ziggu's mafia dog UvU