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I think this is the big, big difference between professional artists and hobbyists. I think it’s okay to rely on motivation if you’re not looking to make money out of your art; if you are, then get up and get to work! Things only happen of you MAKE them happen!

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There have been brony issues here and there and everywhere lately so lemme lay down a few things about the issues here. 

My name is Nathan, I am 18 years old, and I watch My Little Pony. I wouldn’t consider myself a brony because I have no interest in the fandom. Now I’m not one for rigid gender roles so I don’t care if some grown ass men want to watch a show for little girls, I also don’t care if you want to make a fandom about it and all draw fanart and discuss this. But here’s the problem:

This show. Is not. For you. Let me reiterate that: This show. Is not. For you. 

This show was created for little girls, it’s written for little girls, it’s drawn with an art style made to appeal to little girls, it’s marketed to little girls, and if you haven’t happened to notice it’s a pretty fucking good show for little girls if you consider other things marketed to them. Don’t. Take. That. Away. From. Them. 

I don’t care if you watch it, I don’t care if you like it, hell I don’t care if you jerk off to it so long as you keep that shit away from the kids. Make a warning page on your website telling kids they need to be 18 or older that usually is pretty effective at scaring them off.  

The biggest demographic for MLP besides little girls it seems is 13-24 year old men. Now, let’s think about what’s marketed for this demographic:

  • 99% of videogames
  • 99% of comic books
  • Most blockbuster films
  • A good percentage of TV shows

Now you might not like any of those things, and that’s fine, but you need to understand the intentions of MLP and the reasons it exists: namely to teach little girls about friendship and the tolerance and acceptance of others. 

So don’t whine and bitch about how derpy hooves was changed because her design and demeanor could have been seen as offensive and now her voice doesn’t fit your headcanon. Don’t make racist comments about other people’s art because Rarity isn’t drawn as a thin perfect example of the Master Aryan Race. Don’t make rape jokes about a children’s show and brush off the genuine arguments against this sick shit as “PC bullshit”.

You’re grown ass men. Start acting like it.