maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Quick ink of a thing I wore yesterday. Sometime, sometimes I wear dresses.

8 min sketch with a buttload of perspectiveand anatomy errors. Waiting on someone in the subway.

I told felitomkinson I’d draw her incredibly badass OC, Gaman, so I did♥ Voila! She is literally tons of fun to work with, so much I lost control halfway through, hence all the pink fdhjsdkf


Look at this tiny apple ah just found!

A little more bubbline done in my free time at my table! Otakuthon’s been very productive inking-wise.

Last one, artist alley is noooow closed! See you tomorrow, Otakuthon uvu

Let’s just post everything.

A Marceline, just because I can.

Commission for a friend who spotted me at the con haha! Momoi and Aomine (KnB)! They’re rly cute heuheueh

Sketch commission as Otakuthon uvu Marco from SnK! I always wanted an excuse to draw him so HEHEH.