maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Inaugurating my first brown paper sketchbook! Lesson learned: gold accents are close to useless directly on the brown.

Inktober again. Eider’s early-on clothes!

Another inktober! Boxing Xena AU because I can //UvU//

But if your heart is a dog fight
Then I’m ready to go to war like-

Inktober, late late late, again. Guest lyrics from Carry Your Throne.

Merrill for inktober upon request from my bud :D I’m also officially in love with my brush ink pen that doesn’t smear when colored over. Consider it official.

Started inking during my lunch break again but I noticed I had to go buy a specific pen to continue. Hopefully that’ll happen tonight!

Some inktober of the outfit I wore monday. My mom gave me her real motorcycle leather jacket and it’s a little too big for me!

Inktober #3. No inspiration for these, wowowow, so have a thing with fabulous hair!

The ink itself and another tiny ink just so I can rest tonight! I already managed to miss doing it on the first day. Dang!

This may have turned out darker than I thought it would. Also late first inktober!