maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Another ink I did last week. I really felt like using up all of my pens, it seems! I might one day scan this an continue it… or just perhaps post a non-angled view of it. Until then, I have this to share!

That’s what happens when you listen to The Electric Lady on repeat and you don’t wanna draw hands. (actually fell asleep mid-ink and never continued haha)

11. With their favorite animal

I would have to say Nixen doesn’t have a favourite animal. I could never picture her as an animal person at all (Eland is definitely not one she can stand), but I assume she gets along okay with Amber’s cat once she starts dropping by her place more and more. I would insist on the word tolerate, though, simply because Amber’s cat is friendly but not too clingy.

She wouldn’t own a pet because worrying for her own safety alone already fills up her plate, and because she travels too much to take care of anything alive. She can’t take care of plants either!

So I restarted my ME1 game with a new Shepard…

Laughs nervously, it’s the only watercolour I managed to do tonight. I officially have internet at home now, and I’m outies.

So many rookie mistakes, aaah, but I’ll get better with practice!


Although I love every single commission I got, I have to admit I have an extra doki for this one. I’ve wanted a commission of those two (especially Thad) for SO LONG and the wait was worth it. 10/10 would do it again.

It was drawn by the cutie jagzilla who’s both an amazing artist and a really nice person! :>

If the artist want the post down, don’t hesitate to ask!

Oh my gosh, I’m so SO happy you liked it, CRIES! It makes me really happy you posted it, too, because it’s the only one I forgot to take a picture of before handing it over!♥

Ngl, I would draw them again anytime, anywhere at all. They are such cuties (and I cannot resist drawing bara men), plus, Tera babes are my weak spot *v*

And now, number 9 of the prompt list! ♥ Thank you so much for sending this—I had to pick out the character since you didn’t specify one, I hope Haydn does the job ;v;!

Sorry I took a while before posting these @-@ Sketching and trad inking is turning out to be more time consuming than I had planned it to be.

I couldn’t pick just one, so two it is! As I’ve stated before, Phen isn’t very expressive, face-wise; even his tone is pretty monotonous most of the time. I didn’t try to get away with drawing a subtle variant of the same expression over and over again hahaha!

And kid Phen.

Quick ink of a thing I wore yesterday. Sometime, sometimes I wear dresses.

8 min sketch with a buttload of perspectiveand anatomy errors. Waiting on someone in the subway.