maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Commission for a friend who spotted me at the con haha! Momoi and Aomine (KnB)! They’re rly cute heuheueh

Sketch commission as Otakuthon uvu Marco from SnK! I always wanted an excuse to draw him so HEHEH.

OTAKUTHON 2014 at table 303!! :D

Here’s our table (tumblr user frizz-the-bee and I) and our outfits for the day! I’m the AJ and Frizz is the Hermione. Also, my wee thank you cards (look, a tiny makoharu) and my even smaller “business cards”.


… And some Bubbline! Otakuthon is closing in 15 mins for tonight, but I’ll be right back here tomorrow at 9! (table 303!)

Doodling ponies at Otakuthon! (Table 303!) :3

GOOD NEWS: I managed to fit everything for the convention tomorrow in there! Only bad news is that I have to carry it to work in the morning so I can go straight there afterwards…

OTAKUTHON, HERE I COME! I hope to see as many of you as possible there! UvU

Good morning or good afternoon to you all; WE MADE IT! The Kickstarter for Jotun has been successfully FUNDEDHere are the (cropped) god designs I did that were released, for which the backers got to participate in choosing the blessing or power they would give Thora upon meeting.

Thank you all who reblogged my first post to signal boost the project, and the biggest of thank yous to the backers of the project without whom the project would not have taken off. I’m so happy and grateful to have been part of this, and to continue to be!

We just had a little party to celebrate this success, and on top of the awesome Jotun cake we had, we had the cutest little stickers ;v;


Aaaand one last!


I’ve got two sky-themed prints now, and in complimentary colours; one orange, one blue! (this one was 100% self indulgent) Gosh that was a close call, I’m just really glad I got these three prints done over the weekend, because now all that’s left to do is the printing. I hope it all goes smoothly.

More WIPs!

So as I’ve stated before, I’m going to attend Otakuuthon this year as an artist! My Salior Moon piece is now done and done, finally! Here’s a sneak peek;

And I am now onto another, bigger (in print size) piece!

Look at all of those layers, phew.

Can’t work with shrink film? Keep on drawing.


Suck it, shrink film.