maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog
no what are you doing stop BEING ADORABLE THIS OC i can’t he’s too cute

Haydn is basically a carefree, loveable smartass douchebag. He doesn’t get sad, or even less depressed easily and it was weird as fuck for me to draw him so distressed

going back to ocs as scheduled


guess which movie i saw tonight uvu

Once you get it through your head that not every drawing of a face has to be tragically beautiful, you can somewhat start drawing expressions

For paexie bby♥

I really, really don’t understand why I haven’t drawn something for you before, because honestly you’ve been on my watchlist since your.. second or third submission to tumblr and ngl I love you & your art. So have a poopy drawing, nngh sorry, you deserve more ;u;

I think I’m coming down with a fever and my brain can only think of my favourite cats it seems

Old OC week, you say.

First OC, I said.

Okay, there is… a long sob story attached to why this character ever became more than just a thought in my head, but let’s keep this image depression-free. His name was and is David. Created him when I was… 10, maybe?

I will consider it done now! I made her coat a wee bit lighter and added some lighter/darker fur to her body so that the contrast wouldn’t solely rely on the shading.

Thank you all for the constructive critism/input, it was really great ;w;

ugh I’ve been colouring this for hours (on and off, admittedly) and I kept switching back and forth between brown and white doe. I think I’ve settled on the brown, but… eh! DECISIONS!

Don’t ask why suddenly anthros because

because :c