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People need to stop trying to drag Lauren Faust to more brony conventions. ›


So today, Capper General and /MLP/ sent a message to Lauren Faust on twitter, offering up a bottle of 2003 Pinot Noir as a kicker to have her go to Babscon. Lauren declined politely as possible, stating that she doesn’t believe she has anything else relevant to add to all of the…

Brony or not, you should read this. I think the values Lauren brought to life with her ideas for FiM are not only love and tolerance, but also respect. After politely declining over and over, (stop me if I’m being delusional) I would have thought the public would have understood the message she sent.

She has obviously been hurt in all of this, the show was her project. Her new little thing she was bringing to the world. The least anyone, especially anyone claiming to be a fan of the show, could do is respect her wishes. Respect her desire to put MLP behind her.

Printing out tests for a little something I want to do but I’m not sure I can make work just yet..! Don’t worry about all that wasted blank space on the paper, it’s all just for tests c:

if you can’t handle indian!rarity, we can’t be friends i’m sorry but hAVE YOU SEEN ANY OF THEIR FASHION EVER

I’m most very likely not the first one to think of this but gosh they have the prettiest fashion i’ll fight u on this


Hello! I’m Night Mist—although I would really, really appreciate if you would simply call me Mist. My little brother, Wind Whistler, invited me over—he and miss Duster only spoke positively of everypony here I couldn’t help but to be curious!

I’m a weather enthusiast—mostly winter enthusiast, I should say! There is absolutely nothing like bundling yourself up in the cold with a hot cup of cocoa, in my opinion~!

Yeah idc, this is my 1,001st post and it’s a pony reblog from myself, yolo. This goes here because I’m actually happy with my recent renders! They just happen to be ponies c:


Lil’ something for sehtafrost! I know you said not to draw Seh’ta but, truth be told, he’s just too cute for me not to. So I drew him having a chat with my Wind Whistler; since they’re both winter ponies, I figure they’d have quite a bit to chat about!

This goes here, too, because I like how it turned out ;w;

I’m being incredibly self-indulgent with these. good night!

Applejack is still my favourite, and forever will beeeeee


Well you’ve got opportunity, in this very community! He’s Flim! - he’s Flam!, we’re the world famous Flim Flam brothers!

I extremely rarely reblog myself, but I felt like it with this piece! UvU

Well you’ve got opportunity, in this very community! He’s Flim! - he’s Flam!, we’re the world famous Flim Flam brothers!





it’s finally done! WOWOWOW absolutely gorgeous

This is a fananimation?! 
It’s absolutely gorgeous ;;

I hope everyone stops to look at this. Even if you don’t like MLP. The animation is breathtaking, especially when Luna is flying about in the sky. So graceful, so ladylike, so mysterious and gentle! I urge you to watch and listen!