maybe a unicorn named jag♥

I can’t really explain my reaction to tumblr’s April Fools joke, but I sure as hell can explain my icon’s.

Hadn’t draw Jesh this year yet. Sighs!

Here’s a new OC of mine—designed by quesozombieand modified a bit! I’ve been all over drawing pony legs they way I customize them, and I started drawing them on him without really thinking and went oh…. ok…. so I don’t know if they’re permanent yet, same for the tail. I’m half and half on the tail thing.

hhhhh i’m 200% in love with his wee lil’ horns, they’re my fav thing (that and the stars heheheuheheeee)

I had a milion ocs with ram horns when I was in highschool because i thought it was the coolest thing

turns out i still think so


Hello! I’m Night Mist—although I would really, really appreciate if you would simply call me Mist. My little brother, Wind Whistler, invited me over—he and miss Duster only spoke positively of everypony here I couldn’t help but to be curious!

I’m a weather enthusiast—mostly winter enthusiast, I should say! There is absolutely nothing like bundling yourself up in the cold with a hot cup of cocoa, in my opinion~!

Yeah idc, this is my 1,001st post and it’s a pony reblog from myself, yolo. This goes here because I’m actually happy with my recent renders! They just happen to be ponies c:


Lil’ something for sehtafrost! I know you said not to draw Seh’ta but, truth be told, he’s just too cute for me not to. So I drew him having a chat with my Wind Whistler; since they’re both winter ponies, I figure they’d have quite a bit to chat about!

This goes here, too, because I like how it turned out ;w;

Lina & I had a brief conversation about genderswapping characters (because of Corgi’s recent genderswapping of OC), and she suggested that I draw a girl version of Haydn, and thus!

I’m quite happy Haydn is a unisex name, now.

One more upload of something I drew some time in… September, I think!

Some inks of Bee!

Full name is Beatrice (suggested by tumblr user rahlala months and months ago! Thank you Rah!), but she prefers being called Bee!

I am everything but a productive member of society omg