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Anonymous asked: Can you tell us more about your monster character? He's so cute!!

Aaaah, I’m glad you like him! He’s still fairly new (although now all fleshed out, which is a Big Thing for me when it comes to characters) so everything he does has yet to come naturally to me, but I may give you a gist!


Veekrelka is his full name and he’s basically… a god. He’s one of the many divine entities that roam the realm this story is set in and he has lived in solitude for most if not all of his existence. He originally did not need to eat or drink, but has gotten accustomed to it, and over the centuries he has been active, has grown addicted to it. He hunts both for the thrill and for the meat he gorges himself with.

This is a long read, so click at your own risk!

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Got a bunch of new markers tonight & decided to try and teach myself how to color fur with them. Who’s better to practice on than my monster oc?

First of all, thank you for your ask, anon! Getting asks about my OCs is my absolute favourite thing and will most likely always be rewarded with art of them UvU hehe

This is a long one, so read at your own risk! (feel free to remove anything from here on down if you reblog)

I don’t think I could pick favourites, but I can pick the ones I’m most interested or invested in right now. My first would be Haydn—he’s the one with the most art here, I think. Bomb expert, lives in a post-apocalyptic world in which the only inhabitable land left is roughly the size of Russia. He lives in the Underground (where less fortunate people are thrown into) in which he actually dwells pretty nicely with his dumb boyfriend, Blixa (not pictured, not mine!). They both are illegal contractors in which their daily job is either to save people or kill them all. The later is more frequent.

Jasmine is, albeit my use of feminine pronouns, a conja, a genderless species of mine. She was/is part of a story idea I had in which she meets a little girl who gets lost in their enchanted forest and escorts her out as fast as possible instead of spooking her out. Jasmine, name given by the little girl, begins to befriend her although her common sense screams she shouldn’t.

Hiro is… sobs, Hiro is one of my characters form high school. Yeah, those. So please bear with the cheesiness I’m trying to fix bit by bit. He’s a demon who was cursed at a very young age to be blind the same day his parents were slaughtered (petty murder, none of those Big Serious Revenge Murders, since in this world, demons inhabit a more or less Victorian era-inspired city but live a life very similar to ours, except, y’know, awesome powers) by another demon. He’s an anxious wreck who suffers from anorexia, is very quiet and has zero self-esteem. He’s my most pathetic character, hands down, and I love him to bits for it.

Bee is one of those I keep thinking about. She’s definitely one of my newer characters and extremely underdeveloped, but I know she’s this jerk's best friend and has the confidence of 10 women. She doesn't take shit from no one and straightens her hair out until I can figure out how to draw great 'fro's. She often has to pull Rayn (WIP name for jerk in the previous link) out of his crazy talks and nonsense mild paranoia. she's very rational, I guess!

Phen is my second most active character after Haydn (ongoing RP for both of them) and definitely one I’ve been most invested in in the past year(s). He’s an angel (in a world where “angel” is just another species and not actually God’s angels) who lives in a remote house with his boyfriend. He used to live in another… dimension, I guess, since angels & demons’ lands are only accessible through a (heavily guarded) portal, where he has absolutely no passion to live. These angels’ society is extremely stoic and cold. Emotions are mostly frowned upon, as they are seen as lack of control over oneself. A heavily matriarchal society (reminiscent of the 20’s in our world with sides flipped) in which he is, hm… forced to be something he’s not. He meets his boyfriend, X, when he’s on an obligatory business visit in Monad, Phen’s home town.

PHEW. That’s it, I think! It certainly does not mean I don’t love my other OCs, no no noooo, I’m just more emotionally invested in those lately. I go round and rounds between my OCs all the time, depending on my mood.

I remember this one… I remember I wanted to draw a Cute Person and I created this one. I haven’t drawn them since, but I think I have ideas for their story. Basic ideas, but ideas nonetheless!

Laaast sketch dump for today. A very, very old OC of mine named Damien I tried to revamp a year ago. I was trying new ideas for him, changes that would make his story not sound so much like the story I built for him when I was 14.

… he’s still the most cliché character I have and I have and I’m so ashamed OTL ilu you big gross baby

I can’t really explain my reaction to tumblr’s April Fools joke, but I sure as hell can explain my icon’s.

Hadn’t draw Jesh this year yet. Sighs!

Here’s a new OC of mine—designed by quesozombieand modified a bit! I’ve been all over drawing pony legs they way I customize them, and I started drawing them on him without really thinking and went oh…. ok…. so I don’t know if they’re permanent yet, same for the tail. I’m half and half on the tail thing.

hhhhh i’m 200% in love with his wee lil’ horns, they’re my fav thing (that and the stars heheheuheheeee)

I had a milion ocs with ram horns when I was in highschool because i thought it was the coolest thing

turns out i still think so


Hello! I’m Night Mist—although I would really, really appreciate if you would simply call me Mist. My little brother, Wind Whistler, invited me over—he and miss Duster only spoke positively of everypony here I couldn’t help but to be curious!

I’m a weather enthusiast—mostly winter enthusiast, I should say! There is absolutely nothing like bundling yourself up in the cold with a hot cup of cocoa, in my opinion~!

Yeah idc, this is my 1,001st post and it’s a pony reblog from myself, yolo. This goes here because I’m actually happy with my recent renders! They just happen to be ponies c: