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"So, basically, you’ve been living here? With books?”

For the wonderful Lacey, because I’m 5 years old and the only way for me to feel like my apologies go through is by drawing a picture for the person in question. Welp I’m just going to say that in my headcannon, Will isn’t exactly impressed by books and he’s justlike “why I don’t get it this is kinda lame” and The Librarian is really just like “GRRRRRRR THOU NOT KNOW WHAT THOU ART TALKING ABOUT GET OUT”. I guess this is when he’s a bit more tame and just goes like “hmpft”.

I’m making things up btw, nothing is canon and I have absolutely no understanding whatsoever of these two I just love them ok. I hate the fact Will doesn’t look like will but just someone who borrowed his scalp and just went like yes I’m him no one will notice.