maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog



I hope you have a wonderful year! Pikachu says you must.

My my, isn’t she happy to see you!

I haven’t animated anything from A to Z in years… phew! New year’s first resolution: animate more. ALWAYS MORE.

i tried to draw a hot sycamore and this is all that came out

but what about bb meowth in all of this?

she thinkin about bb james obviously

what u thinkin about jessie

I am an adult

I swear

Well ok if ninfia/sylveon isn’t flying i certainly don’t know what it is

thinks “ground” and laughs loudly

(i forgot to tag this as jagart, sorry fgdhjgfdj ahahaha)

Something I thought of when plotting chatting with AJ yesterday, hehe. Yevan is scaring the shit outta lil’ ZK without even meaning to!

I restarted my FireRed game and named my trainer Yevan. I got no excuses as to where this came from but he has a charmander and he thinks pidgeys are cute as fuq.