maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog


I’m still working on finalizing the Eeveelution posters, but for now you can get stickers of all the vectors on Redbubble! (For some reason the previews on the Redbubble page are really dark, but the colors above are how they should print.)

Also, Redbubble gives you 50% off every sticker if you order more than 6! Hot deals!

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I hope you have a wonderful year! Pikachu says you must.

My my, isn’t she happy to see you!

I haven’t animated anything from A to Z in years… phew! New year’s first resolution: animate more. ALWAYS MORE.

i tried to draw a hot sycamore and this is all that came out

but what about bb meowth in all of this?

she thinkin about bb james obviously

what u thinkin about jessie

I am an adult

I swear

Well ok if ninfia/sylveon isn’t flying i certainly don’t know what it is

thinks “ground” and laughs loudly

(i forgot to tag this as jagart, sorry fgdhjgfdj ahahaha)

Something I thought of when plotting chatting with AJ yesterday, hehe. Yevan is scaring the shit outta lil’ ZK without even meaning to!