maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Hello! As close to none of you know, I’ll be attending Otakuthon this year as an artist, sharing table with the lovely frizz-the-bee who was kind enough to split it up with me♥

I will not have a lot of stock, but I will for sure have (various, not only pony-themed) prints and these as those up here as keychains or cellphone straps. There is one more item I’m looking into to sell as merch, but I would much rather not reveal it yet in case I can’t make it in time, y’know! So I’ll be working my butt off for this in the next month, let’s see how much I can achieve in such a short time. Phew, let’s go!

I think it’s my first time drawing Pinkie since these! And Dash, oh gosh. It’s been so long… I have so many human headcanons for each of the girls I can never pick which to draw and which I will “stick to”

who am I kidding I’m not gonna stick to any

waiting for friends to wake up? draw human ponies

I made these Rainbow Dash earrings quite a while ago, but i only varnished them two days ago. They were for my best friend, and they are quite happy with their new owner :D

It was my first time completing earrings (i made a bunch! I just never finished them heheh).

Drew this a while ago, and I’m still pretty fond of it so I decided to slap some colours on. Hope you like these very, very angular ponies!

I remember having a lot of fun with this version of Rainbow Dash (to match Rarity’s and Pinkie Pie's), but now that I look back on it, I see a few things I'm like to change. I'm still content with it, but not as much! This was done… roughly five days after Rarity's, so it's been a good while now.

I wasn’t going to post it tonight but… more ballpoint sketches! That’s why I said it should be illegal for me to draw human!Dash because WOAH i have way


way too much fun OUO

More human ponies ballpoint sketches. It was my first time drawing Twilight and I kinda don’t know how well I did… but I shamelessly still love drawing human!Dash because she’s so much fun to draw ohmygod I have so many doodles of human!Dash uvu it should be illegal for me to draw her fhjksdfg

MLP rant, Rainbow style

I should create another blog for this, but fuq it & skip this if you don’t want to read it. You really don’t have to read about my very serious feelings about ponies ok

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Rainbow Dash time♥ I figured that as a human, she’d be a runner. She could’ve been a car/bike racer, but I preferred imagining her living a really healthy life. Plus I think her main “theme” (other than rainbows) is sports? Physical sports, I mean.

Watch as people get shocked by me drawing muscles and not just fail pretty gurls. derp.