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HE IS SO RAD HOLY SHIT??? i love his design aaah




ALSO I HAD TO GOOGLE “WOOBIE” and the term fits him 100% yes



GJKASHKJSDA I’M GLAD YOU LIKE HIM he’s so cliche I just love him. I FORGOT TO MENTION HIS MAN but since it technically hasn’t happened in the rp I guess it’s ok u-u


First of all, thank you for your ask, anon! Getting asks about my OCs is my absolute favourite thing and will most likely always be rewarded with art of them UvU hehe

This is a long one, so read at your own risk! (feel free to remove anything from here on down if you reblog)

I don’t think I could pick favourites, but I can pick the ones I’m most interested or invested in right now. My first would be Haydn—he’s the one with the most art here, I think. Bomb expert, lives in a post-apocalyptic world in which the only inhabitable land left is roughly the size of Russia. He lives in the Underground (where less fortunate people are thrown into) in which he actually dwells pretty nicely with his dumb boyfriend, Blixa (not pictured, not mine!). They both are illegal contractors in which their daily job is either to save people or kill them all. The later is more frequent.

Jasmine is, albeit my use of feminine pronouns, a conja, a genderless species of mine. She was/is part of a story idea I had in which she meets a little girl who gets lost in their enchanted forest and escorts her out as fast as possible instead of spooking her out. Jasmine, name given by the little girl, begins to befriend her although her common sense screams she shouldn’t.

Hiro is… sobs, Hiro is one of my characters form high school. Yeah, those. So please bear with the cheesiness I’m trying to fix bit by bit. He’s a demon who was cursed at a very young age to be blind the same day his parents were slaughtered (petty murder, none of those Big Serious Revenge Murders, since in this world, demons inhabit a more or less Victorian era-inspired city but live a life very similar to ours, except, y’know, awesome powers) by another demon. He’s an anxious wreck who suffers from anorexia, is very quiet and has zero self-esteem. He’s my most pathetic character, hands down, and I love him to bits for it.

Bee is one of those I keep thinking about. She’s definitely one of my newer characters and extremely underdeveloped, but I know she’s this jerk's best friend and has the confidence of 10 women. She doesn't take shit from no one and straightens her hair out until I can figure out how to draw great 'fro's. She often has to pull Rayn (WIP name for jerk in the previous link) out of his crazy talks and nonsense mild paranoia. she's very rational, I guess!

Phen is my second most active character after Haydn (ongoing RP for both of them) and definitely one I’ve been most invested in in the past year(s). He’s an angel (in a world where “angel” is just another species and not actually God’s angels) who lives in a remote house with his boyfriend. He used to live in another… dimension, I guess, since angels & demons’ lands are only accessible through a (heavily guarded) portal, where he has absolutely no passion to live. These angels’ society is extremely stoic and cold. Emotions are mostly frowned upon, as they are seen as lack of control over oneself. A heavily matriarchal society (reminiscent of the 20’s in our world with sides flipped) in which he is, hm… forced to be something he’s not. He meets his boyfriend, X, when he’s on an obligatory business visit in Monad, Phen’s home town.

PHEW. That’s it, I think! It certainly does not mean I don’t love my other OCs, no no noooo, I’m just more emotionally invested in those lately. I go round and rounds between my OCs all the time, depending on my mood.

yetictac asked: your art is so cute ♥

Oh my gosh I COMPLETELY missed this! HOW. I’m so sorry, and thank you so much ;A; You’re so sweet!

provinite asked: Bonne fête du Canada!



Old accounts are my favorite I STILL REMEMBER US RPING OUR PETS maaaaaan. ;______;

oh my GOSH stace i’m just

STACE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I RE-JOINED NEOPETS IN HOPES TO REVIVE THE NOSTALGIA OF YOU AND I RPING OUR LUPES AND DRAIKS. OUR ZAFARAS. i’m not ashamed to say thateven to this day, my broken english neopets’ neomail roleplaying days with you were my peek of glory in the world of roleplay. my greatest rp accomplishments. ever. I’ll never, ever get over the day I lost roshi and my cloud krawk.

its okay we can be bitter hags about NEOPETS together laughs. (sulks.) (considering making a fake krawk character maybe that would heal this wound.)
(who am i kidding this wound will NEVER HEAL. NEVER.)

you know i kinda want to do that, you know. just recreate my cloud krawk as a fake not-on-neopets krawk. Unfortunately for you (well both of us) I tried the method of getting a Legit Krawk on neopets again (this is my new(er) account) and it does not do a damned thing for healing. My wounds are still fresh and all I am is bitter everytime I look at my current krawk because he’s not my could krawk from 2003

yeah my account was frozen and purged after someone hacked it, and i literally gave up on neopets FOREVER!!!! i had a fire something pet, THE ONLY ONE ON MY ACCOUNT, he was like, level 25 or something. i was so heartbroken lol

omg yes that’s exactly how I felt. exactly. (except I had 4 accounts bc i was am a huge loser) ;__;

EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME YES. I STILL RESENT NEOPETS FOR NEVER GIVING ME MY KRAWK. I bought a petpet out of the auctions but it DELETED MY NP AND THE KRAWK PETPET AND NEITHER ONE OF US GOT IT BACK and the same thing happened when i tried to buy the p
*potion or whatever. I’m STILL MAD THAT I NEVER GOT MY KRAWK EVEN THOUGH I SAVED UP MILLIONS FOR IT TWICE. TWICE. i dont even care about the site any more and im NEVER GOING TO NOT BE MAD ABOUT IT that was why i eventually quit laughs

noel noel

why do u think i quit


BECAUSE MY BABIES WERE GONE because I sucked at making np but omg that story of your gives me chills I would’ve cried for weeks and possibly have made my mom or dad CALL NEOPETS TO GET THAT BACK because that’s so freaking cruel oh my god. TWICE.

You know i actually take pride in being someone who doesn’t hold grudges easily but

neopets crossed that like 12 years ago

I managed to get into the side account with the one pet I actually cared about (my draik, laughs) but I … want access to the main account. And trying to send in a help ticket doesnt work for me either.

R.I.P. my account that had a ghost draik & a Ccloud krawk, as well as a white lupe and a silver ixi. that one was actually frozen for using foul language in the boards when I was… 10 or 11 and couldn’t speak a lick of English and had never visited the forums because they freaked me the heck out. it’s really freaking scary to go in a virtual room full of people who only speak a language you don’t know… esp at that age HAHAHA oh wow

i’m happy you actually GOT your draik back, omg lucky ilu i’m so jelly ;v;

i CANT FIGURE OUT THE EMAIL ATTACHED TO MY 12 YEAR OLD ACCOUNT it makes me cry. Sits in the corner with you, stares longingly at the account on the site i dont even want to use. I was triyng to remember out what ilovetherain’s username was, too



NOEL I FEEL YOU. LET US CRY A LOT. I’M JUST. Really disproportionately sad about a stupid neopets account. The names of my pets suck, they’re all blue or yellow (what was i thinking) and theres probabaly 0 np there but i just… touches the screen gently, i can never be reunited with u………

(also yes, it was ilovetherain and her pet was Taamuli, the Winner of All Beauty Conests in 2001. Seriously just. All of my neo-childhood.)

THAT BDAY SHIT HAPPENED TO ME TOO ;___; uuuuuuuuuuugh my poor pets i just want to stuff them with free omelets

ME TOO. ME TOO. oh my god and trying to visit the snowager at any time during the day because no search engine in 1999-2000 would tell you when you had to go to get anything. And the lost shrine…. sobs.

Jag jag! It’s ok, just make a new e-mail and send a help ticket to Neo in the “help” link at the bottom and just give as much info as you poooossibly can.

I WISH I COULD. I actually already have a new(er) account, but the Ticket pages doesn’t work. I get a blank no matter the browser I use (Chrome, I get an error on IE, and blank on FF). Plus, I googled the thing thoroughly and it appears as though if you haven’t logged in withing the last 24 months, your account in put in a purge list? And apparently when it’s there’s there’s no going back? Idk, I might’ve been fed lies.

I just.l.. literally know nothing about that account except its name and possibly the e-mail name it was associated to. OTL I wish I could get it back!