maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog
I LOVE ROUGH SKETCHES. honestly i felt the same way but now thats all i post and people seem to dig them just fine :) DO WHAT YOU WANT its your blog.

My gosh but your sketches are so clean and pretty♥ i know it’s my blog! i’ve pretty much reclaimed that ownership by reblogging a bit and posting unedited photos of drawings (that was a big step HAHA), so i can only hope things keep getting better!

uneedaunicorn asked: Your line art is crazy cute! *stars in my eyes*


Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I wasn’t feeling too great. This makes me so happy though, thank you so, so much! ;O; 

Anonymous asked: I'm not quite sure I understand the significance. Aren't there a lot of countries doing the same thing?

Honestly, I don’t know. Canada’s army has been acting as peacekeepers for a long, long time now, and to know that this douche who calls himself our Prime Minister agreed to a declaration of war to which we don’t know ANY of the critical details (how long will this last? where are we fighting? what is the precise purpose? how much will this cost? none of this has been revealed), frankly, scares me.

We don’t know anything about it and I barely heard anything about it on any media sites I visit daily. And this decision was taken during the week.

hellyotsuba1996angel asked: when i was REALLY young on subeta i was obsessed with you and i drew you tons of ugly pictures so you'd be my friend but mostly you were annoyed that this 11 year old wouldnt leave you alone. i found some of the pictures and they are REALLY funny. have a Cool day


WOAH HELLO THERE. I honestly don’t remember this right off the bat but if you drew me stuff and you actually showed me, I probably kept it somewhere in my old archives!!

I actually love getting art from people no matter the skill because I think it’s absolutely rad and touching anyone would spend time doing a thing FOR ME but aaaah man. I wish I knew what username you went as back then and see those pictures again to know if I was a brat or if my English just came off wrong. I know my ex-coworkers at Subeta staff called me out a few times back then for sounding really rude until they realized I just didn’t know the subtleties of the English language. I knew how to be understood but nothing beyond that. (I will always remember Nikki (bellamyyoung) warning me on saying “to be honest” and “honestly” as it sounded stupidly pretentious) (ilu nikki)

That being said, I AM really sorry if I was just being a dick. I promise! ;v; I hope you have the best of days!!


Haaay if you would please come off anon for me to answer any question of the like, I’d appreciate. Please have the guts to ask with a face!

theoldaeroplane replied to your post “I really, really need to get out of this vicious cycle of discomfort…”

i feel u studies bore me to tears haha. if you could find maybe online models maybe you could draw em as your ocs? more appealing maybe?

I wish that worked, haha. I can’t even manage to motivate myself to do studies with my ocs. I’m just like nah not drawing models naaaaah. I’ll have to do it eventually, I know, and it’ll be the least painful method to do so, so I’ll keep it in mind ;v; thank you corg.

Anonymous asked: Maybe try tracing/retouching from other art or animation for practise, I find it relaxing as there are no expectation on my part - no-one else needs to see it. Also, I like drawing basics shapes on top to better understand how it works. Good luck with getting out of it, and relax~ let things come to you, take a step back and try other stuff :)

Ah, tracing/copying animation would probably help for the lack of movement and life in my art lately. I really need to stop thinking about expectations because it’s really bumming me out. I could animate original stuff but I don’t have a good set up at home for traditional animation or digital animation.

I really need to learn to relax! Thank you lovely anon, thank you <3 I will definitely try all of that out somehow this week.♥

Anonymous asked: Whoa what sites are these?? I thought a lot of those websites paid artists/users

Oh no. I don’t resent them for not paying their staff (I,m pretty sure they do, anyway?). I resent them for paying their staff for stealing from other writers/visual artists for their content. Honestly, I’ve seen that community blow a gasket when the drama happened, and I really don’t wish to attract them to my blog at all, so if you wanna know, feel free to come off anon to have a chat!♥

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HAYDN ALWAYS DOES THE JOB I love this character way too much *makes grabby hands at*