maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

Quick ink of a thing I wore yesterday. Sometime, sometimes I wear dresses.

8 min sketch with a buttload of perspectiveand anatomy errors. Waiting on someone in the subway.

Commission for a friend who spotted me at the con haha! Momoi and Aomine (KnB)! They’re rly cute heuheueh

Sketch commission as Otakuthon uvu Marco from SnK! I always wanted an excuse to draw him so HEHEH.

I really, really like Manga Studio so far! The tools are all smooth and it’s a good compromise between SAI’s easy-to-use interface and some of Photoshop’s versatility

I drew me a devonti

early morning reactions (it’s noon)

Another rejected design I had thought of for Subeta! To be fair, I had never posted it to the (staff) forums and only had slipped it to our AD to know if this had a chance, aaaaand nope. I actually wanted SOME kind of delicate feline available, since even the Feli is a bit… strong-boned, I guess. It’s definitely not fat, but it looks like a tough cat with an adorable face. Oh well!

I feel like I can’t produce anything worthwhile these days, so I redrew this peacock-cat critter to fit my current style (since the original is OLD and more into Subeta style, which I’m still struggling to get away from). Yeeeeeep. Enjoy!
also yes the feathers are based on a peacock’s. I didn’t feel like colouring it with shades of green/teal/turquoise/blue and waste time to something people people can’t… really enjoy HAHAHA

First official pony OC, haha. I’ve been watching this serie since it STARTED, but I’ve always forbidden myself to post any pony OC I would make because I didn’t want people to follow me for my ponies only hjklsdfs. Welp, mostly created for Lynn’s awesome Halloween party thingy. He specializes in medicinal potions for things magic can’t cure c: IT MADE SENSE TO DRESS HIM UP AS A WITCH? Idk, bro(nie).

PONIES EVERYWHERE. I’m not too sure about his name yet, but Hawthorn seemed awefully appealing today at work! IF YOU GUYS HAVE SUGGESTIONS, I’M TOTALLY OPEN.

(EDIT: I forgot to mention haha. THE PONY IN THE UPPER RIGHT is a intruder haha. She has nothing to do with Hawthorn, but she’s like… what he was supposed to be at first. Then I went like FUQ DA POLICE I’M MAKING A MALE.)

(ALSO. HE’S A PEGASUS. I just didn’t draw his wings on all of the sketches!)


idk what to write about this -shrug- Sketches I did here and there. The humanized Fluttershy one is a bit old, but I still like it. I’m just too lazy to actually clean it and do something with it. Also hey, have some lizard thing that will be compared to HTTYD in a second.

(Tumblr, y u so dumb! Bigger sized version here.)