maybe a unicorn named jag♥

Tonight i realized I had a comfort zone again and that it’s high time to break it. Now that I’ve gone full bara, I can try to be original about faces hfjksdf

Referenced body studies at the top, result on bottom!

I can feel my meager supply of creative juice I managed to gather in the past two weeks is drying up again. HAVE SOME WOWS

Maybe one day, MAYBE ONE DAY

Who knows if I’ll ever actually finish this, so let me just hit you up with a WIP!

Currently watching Jem and the Holograms uou I kinda want all the merch now…

Xena is so nostalgic to me, I used to want to be like her so much when I was a kid hdfjks

I also needed some practice both drawing her and drawing from references, so I drew a couple based on screenshots! All of those are easy to find on google, if need be (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)     

They’re playing SNES Donkey Kong Country… Obligatory DK & Diddy that look absolutely nothing like their original designs OR actual monkeys

Quick upload before I crash: my IRL friend Elzeore and I decided to start doing weekly themes. We’ll see how long we can keep it up, but last week’s theme was City of Wonders.

These are kinda my progress shots, the top one being the final. I first started out thinking really big, and wanted to draw some Wicked fanart (mostly of the Emerald City), and then I kinda… got bored of the idea. Sigh! I was supposed to ink the last attempt (top one, again), but ran out of time! Oh well!

Some people fall vertically, and others horizontally!

This is probably going to take a buttload of space on your dash because of its format haha SORRY DSKDYCN
taking pics in the bus of the ballpoint doodles i did at a bar tonight!

Jasmine sketch & ink.

I just might be starting to get the hang of this! So excited!