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Anonymous asked: Can you tell us more about your monster character? He's so cute!!

Aaaah, I’m glad you like him! He’s still fairly new (although now all fleshed out, which is a Big Thing for me when it comes to characters) so everything he does has yet to come naturally to me, but I may give you a gist!


Veekrelka is his full name and he’s basically… a god. He’s one of the many divine entities that roam the realm this story is set in and he has lived in solitude for most if not all of his existence. He originally did not need to eat or drink, but has gotten accustomed to it, and over the centuries he has been active, has grown addicted to it. He hunts both for the thrill and for the meat he gorges himself with.

This is a long read, so click at your own risk!

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Blast to the past with a print idea of STARFOX I drew last year! I might still do it for a certain con I might or might not be attending… UvU

Excuse the rectangle guns, I remember doing these without refs and I could not remember for the life of me what the guns looked like in the N64 version!

Sketch dump 02! This one has a theme; BUNNIES. I was trying to develop a style for an animation project that will never see the day, and this was basically my process (minus the anatomy studies from photos I did before and in-between those) in chronological order.

I don’t have much more to write about those, other than they’ve also all been drawn last year. (●´∀`●)

Sketch dump 01! This one has no theme other than “whatever”; carebears, deer, and my neopets. Damn, I miss drawing my neopets UoU

Those were all drawn last year, probably between May and October. (why do you need to know? WHY NOT)

Tonight i realized I had a comfort zone again and that it’s high time to break it. Now that I’ve gone full bara, I can try to be original about faces hfjksdf

Referenced body studies at the top, result on bottom!

I can feel my meager supply of creative juice I managed to gather in the past two weeks is drying up again. HAVE SOME WOWS

Maybe one day, MAYBE ONE DAY

Who knows if I’ll ever actually finish this, so let me just hit you up with a WIP!

Currently watching Jem and the Holograms uou I kinda want all the merch now…

Xena is so nostalgic to me, I used to want to be like her so much when I was a kid hdfjks

I also needed some practice both drawing her and drawing from references, so I drew a couple based on screenshots! All of those are easy to find on google, if need be (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)     

They’re playing SNES Donkey Kong Country… Obligatory DK & Diddy that look absolutely nothing like their original designs OR actual monkeys