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snowzboo asked: Hello there- I'm Snowz. I just wanted to say thank you for that article you posted! It was really interesting. o3o I myself would love to get into character or costume design some time in the future, but right now I'm working on a fashion merchandising & retail marketing degree. This article should help me though.

Hi there Snowz♥!

I’m glad you found it interesting, and it’s great that you’re interested in those two fields—they’re both great, yet very different paths, in my opinion, but I think they’re definitely not something impossible to juggle with! I think a lot of different fields of work are closer related to most art fields than people realize. Deep fashion knowledge is a priceless tool for a costume design career, just like architecture classes can help you become one of the best building/set designers there is. There are links from every fields to art, imho, you just gotta find it.

I think the whole point of the article was really to get just one point across; you have a dream? Don’t sit there dreaming, get working towards it, and work hard as hell. I truly hope you’ll achieve your dream ;u; Thank you so much for the ask, it was super sweet of you to drop by♥!!