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Do you know how hard it is to have robot fanpets

do you know how many people will willingly draw cadogres

none of them.

Paging all cadogartists!

Ngl, I don’t draw mecha but cadogres and endeavors are so much simpler to understand I don’t even consider them in that category. I’m not up for commissions right this instant, but they’re fun to draw!

It might just be a matter of asking the artist if they group mecha & robot subeta pets together! c:

Anonymous asked: What pets for subeta have you done art for?

Hello! I think I’ve answered that a few times on this blog already under, I believe, my #subeta tag, but I felt like I should be more precise. I worked as an artist generalist (items, NPCs, pets, anything needed I can and am allowed to draw if claimed on time) for about 5 years, so I did quite a bit of pets! I was in charge of 9 species in total (11 if you count the tigrean & illumis), and here’s the breakdown in alphabetical order:

Clawsion: I drew them all except for five of them (Bloodred, Chibi, Nostalgic, Scribble & spectrum). I still have my sketches for the BR & spectrum revamps I was supposed to do! Fun fact: the clawsion was the first pet assigned to my name ever, approximately two weeks after I got hired! That’s why the Reborn and Angelic versions are so outdated. They were my second and third pets. (First was the old GY Tigrean)

Cybill: Angelic, Chibi, Galactic, Graveyard, Hydrus, Nightmare are mine. The Glade Cybill was the last pet I had started before I left, and thus left it at lineart stage in Rah's skilled hands. She did a much better job than I would've with it, I'm sure!

Darkonite: Spectrum, Glacier, Nightmare are mine, and Galactic was a collab between Aqua and I! Fun fact: The darkonite was unnasigned for the longest period along with the swampie (before ex staff member Squidiot took them) and I originally claimed them out of pity. Then I really started enjoying drawing them! They’re probably one of my favourite subeta pets to draw to this day.

Feli: I drew them all except for 8 of them (Angelic, Chibi, Glade, Nostalgic, Reborn, Scribble, Steamwork, Sweetheart). The Felis were my babies, they were absolutely 100% mine. They were the only pet I believe I fought to get when they were on open trial for revamp? Or maybe I only fought in my head. I remember I really, really wanted it u_u I’m also the author of the “furboobs” fiasco of the first & second revamp, if you were wondering!

Illumis: Only the Nightmare one is mine, but it’s also a collab with Aqua. They were not under my care for very long!

Irion: Ah… my baby. My shiny new baby. I drew the common pose, Glacier, Glade, Graveyard & Nightmare Irions. They were a huge revamp and the biggest makeover I got to give to a pet. Those colors are my pride♥

Montre: Angelic, Spectrum, Graveyard, Hydrus & Nightmare are mine! They were going to get a similar revamp to the Irion in terms of importance, but I never had the time. They’re my biggest regret; they had the potential I was never able to fully unleash.

Tigrean: It’s worth showing you guys my very, very first pet at Subeta. It was back when the first layout of the site was still up.

Look at this little horror. Look at how wonky he is and how awkwardly he’s drawn. I’ve grown fond of him in the last year or so, in a sort of fascination for my really old art! (He’s also the only official Tigrean I’ve drawn)

Torrey: Common, Galactic, Glade, Hydrus are mine! The old Reborn was also mine, and it marks down the day I learned to draw fire instinctively, so it’s worth putting up here!


Tutani: The Tutanis were my original creation (albeit not very original). I drew them all until Pie took over when I left, which means the ones I didn’t draw are the Angelic, Glacier, Nostalgic & Steamwork. I wish I had designed them differently, but I also know many users like them as they are! Oh well!

Velosotor: The velosotor is another I got the chance to revamp the common color of. The ones that were done by someone else after I left are the Chibi, Glad, Reborn, Nightmare, Scribble, Steamwork, Sweetheart.

So I hope this lengthy breakdown clears it all up, and thanks for asking <3







Today on “inappropriate subeta item descriptions” I bring you:

Orange Skelly Corset Mini-Dress
Wonder if when you squeeze it, out comes some juice?

Now wtf, subeta? You think boob jokes are just that hilarious? How about you shove this description up your perverted assholes?
If you’re wondering, I’ll be continuing to post whatever item descriptions I find and tagging them for subeta to see. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, subeta.

It’s talking about orange juice. The colour is orange. Do you know how many items we have to write descriptions for? We get to the colour orange and we think about oranges and that leads to squeezing oranges for juice. 

As somebody who has written literally -thousands- of descriptions of items for subeta, many of them being repeat colours/item types/clothing types - it gets a little methodical. We’re not trying to start a revolution here. We’re just typing up what the colour orange invokes to us at 4am when we’re uploading our items to the site. We don’t analyse every description for how it could possibly offend someone. (And in this case, I would have totally missed the reference you perceived anyway!)

By all means, don’t think we’re not open to changing something if a case against it is made - our own opinions have changed a lot in the 10 years we’ve been doing this, and it’s not like we remember descriptions that we wrote last week let alone years ago - but you’re not going to achieve anything productive by being publicly aggressive in the Tumblr bubble. 

I mean, if it’s just a rant you’re after then carry on. But if you want to attempt to actually make a change then you need to come and talk to us. 

Well I mean I can understand that some of the descriptions are super old, but a lot of these items are really offensive. It’s not as blunt in this case as you might be able to put it as related to orange juice, but seriously if you look at the item on the person it’s pretty clear what’s meant here.

As for coming and talking to you guys, I have no idea how. I just know some people who work for subeta check the tumblr tags, and hoped someone would see (which obviously you have). However, this isn’t going to stop me from posting these continually. Feel free to use them as a reference for what to target, but it’s just a fact that loads of these items (especially clothes for the female avatar) are just disgusting. The only way for things to change is to be aggressive, and that’s what I’m doing. (This is based off the fact that I wrote a small thing on an even worse piece of clothing and tagged it about a week ago, and got no response at all about it.)

Offence is really subjective, it’s rather hard to know what is going to offend what person. In the past we have certainly changed a few things when we’ve had users create threads in site feedback and get support from other people - we can’t just change things based on one users feedback, though. It’s really not practical! 

Again, it wasn’t clear to me that this orange skelly dress was in any way a ‘boob joke’ and it still doesn’t offend me in any way.

You have every right to post whatever you like on your blog continually - I did see your post from last week and didn’t reply to it as I was a) very busy working on the plot and b) I’m usually one to let things be on tumblr. Subeta itself is where I do most of my answering of these kinds of things. You just caught me tonight with something that I had to very much disagree with, which I am also in every right to do as you tagged it to a public tag. 

I don’t agree that you have to be aggressive to have things change. At least, it’s not going to work with me. Somebody talking about the kinds of things that make them uncomfortable over on Subeta’s site feedback forum, however - that’s something I will read and take into consideration. 

While offense may be subjective, there are a few things that are LARGELY NOT OKAY.

Sexism is one of them. Some of the item descriptions DO have these… and remember Rah, what doesn’t offend you, personally, does not necessarily mean it won’t offend someone else.

This is how rape culture surrounding rape jokes happen. (Not at all comparing the situations, just making an example.)

I admit that I don’t see the boob joke for the dress, but I’m sure you, as a woman, have been objectified because of your boobs. This is what drives a stick up our asses.

We’re not trying to be “silly tumblr SJWs” here, we’re just trying to keep our favorite site sexism free. c:

Not to mention after the sex vs. gender debacle in Suggestions / Ideas, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to make a thread about this onsite. Anyone should expect feedback, even dissenting, of course… but this is about being a decent human being and making the site a safe AND accepting place. Not for people to tell them, “It’s just a description, grow a thick skin!”

Like I said, if this is brought to mine and my colleague’s attention over on Subeta over in Site Feedback (in a reasonable manner, not an aggressive one as I will continue to choose not to help people like that) then we can look at changing things.

What I meant by saying that it doesn’t offend me is that we cater to all kinds of people over on Subeta. We have items that offend a large amount of people (like the fetus pops, poop items, furry items, phallic items) but a lot of these come down to taste or a misreading of intention. These are the kinds of things we’re not going to change because we feel that they’re not malicious or detrimental. I include the orange skelly dress in this as its intention was not malicious and I feel the perceived sexism on the item is just that - perceived. I don’t feel that it’s a sexist item at all. 

However, gender stereotyping isn’t sexism by itself, particularly when we’re talking about the colours of items - it’s only when gender stereotypes lead to discrimination that it becomes sexism, I believe, and if a large amount of the pink items that are being referred to as being ‘disgusting’ is because they mention being ‘feminine’ that’s not something that I’m going to change. Anyone on subeta are able to wear any item they like and are not going to be discriminated against. This was not really made clear to me, though. I still am going to need to be pointed out which items are contributing to sexism - in the correct place, on Subeta. (And preferably after the plot, I’ve been very busy of late!) 

(Rah, I hope you don’t mind my adding something—if you do, I’ll back off no problem! This is a subeta problem and all.)

Quick intro: I’m an ex subeta artist and thus someone who wrote a fuckton of descriptions for her items. I’d just like to add to this that there are currently 55,795 items on subeta, so you are bound to found some things offensive, and what you might consider offensive might not be to someone else because everyone has a different type of humor!

Maybe it has something with being an artist, but when I first read that description in this specific post, I thought “orange juice”, not “boob juice”, so if you have your head in the gutter easily, you might have misinterpreted this joke. Because that’s what it was—a pun on the color orange. Because when you buy an item (I imagine it being very much alike buying items IRL), you’re not wearing it already. You’re looking at it folded nicely on a table, on a hanger, propped up on a wall. So yeah, I did think “hahaha squeezing the corset would give orange juice because it’s orange hahaHAHA BAD PUN” because bad puns are freaking hilarious (and I’m not being sarcastic).

I’m not here to decide what’s funny for you, though; in the end, you decide how you interpret things, and you certainly decide how you report the things that offend you. Being aggressive has absolutely no chance of helping you, and neither is talking about it on another website (tumblr) going to get you anywhere.

That being said, need I to remind you that artists from all over the world have worked for subeta? Not only artists, almost all different staff positions (except ownership) have been at one point held by someone who’s first language wasn’t English. Sure they were perfectly fluent in English, but there will always be subtleties that we miss (my first language is French, so I include myself in this lot) and humor is really fucking hard to create when you have that background, since humor is expressed vastly differently from one language to another.

I’m pretty sure subetians are entertained by creative item descriptions, but I feel like you’d rather have all items be “This corset is orange” flat and boring to avoid mildly offending someone who misinterprets puns and is aggressive in their report of it. No one made allusions to rape with this, no one even made allusions to boobs.

Jag out.

itscat asked: Hey Jag! Did you happen to do the Glade Tutani or was that someone else? I know it came out like... 4+ years ago, but I'm looking for the full size art for an overlay if anyone might still have it lying around.

Hi there!

As a matter of fact, I did do the Glade tut! Instead of pointing you to my dA gallery I’ll most likely never update again, I’ll give it to you straight out!

I’m sorry I don’t have it on transparent BG for easy edit—but have fun nonetheless!

Anonymous asked: Did you used to draw the Demis on subeta? Do you have the full versions for them, like the Bloodred? :) Sorry to bother you!!

Don’t be sorry, silly! I didn’t draw it, though, Sayle did!


I think we’re all happy I never drew them, too


I drew me a devonti

Commission of Wonderbolts, for AJ! ♥ Cutest fanpet ever, period.

After talking with AJ about the lamest (read: best) things involving cows and bulls and a ranch, I inherited of a bull/bovyne (subeta) character HEHEH. Oh god what am I doing

Remember when I found out/remembered Subeta was still using Nathaniel? It just so happens that a week later, Quentin was the weekend quest, and it made recall they were among my absolute favourite NPCs when I joined staff. Quentin, that is. But both these two’s art is so… old. Gah. I decided to bring them back to life a little with a revamp of my own.

Quentin is my forever-cutie and Nathaniel is my spirit animal yes

Commission for Kestrel @ Subeta of her pet paralix, Whisper. She’s been waiting on this for months now and I only finished it tonight. Ugh, I feel so bad, even though she’s been telling me over and over that it was more than fine! SOBS