maybe a unicorn named jag♥ and i own this swimming blog

The Pixipan concept for subeta that never made it past the working stage uvu They were based on the Pandapixi plushies Mythica (oldschool subetians will know who’s this fabulous artist I’m talking about) had designed, because, let’s face it, those plushies were raw genius.

(also, jesus, I had no idea how to work colors back then it seems omggg)

Another rejected design I had thought of for Subeta! To be fair, I had never posted it to the (staff) forums and only had slipped it to our AD to know if this had a chance, aaaaand nope. I actually wanted SOME kind of delicate feline available, since even the Feli is a bit… strong-boned, I guess. It’s definitely not fat, but it looks like a tough cat with an adorable face. Oh well!

I feel like I can’t produce anything worthwhile these days, so I redrew this peacock-cat critter to fit my current style (since the original is OLD and more into Subeta style, which I’m still struggling to get away from). Yeeeeeep. Enjoy!
also yes the feathers are based on a peacock’s. I didn’t feel like colouring it with shades of green/teal/turquoise/blue and waste time to something people people can’t… really enjoy HAHAHA