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absence unu

My WiFi’s been down for a week. My internet connection’s been shit for as long, obviously, and we’ve been using a nearby open WiFi (it might be a café around the corner? I’m not sure), but the signal is not constant, nor strong at all. I can’t do much more than try to get my e-mails or tumblr to load (and tumblr is really a tough thing to load with all those gifs and images EVERYWHERE). I shouldn’t complain because I still have something, but it is really frustrating when you pay buckets for the best internet set up in the area and it doesn’t work at all :’)

I haven’t been drawing much either (outside of work, that is!). I’ve been… sculpting,  sortof. It takes my mind off of work, which has proven to be a healthy thing as of late. I’ve been playing with super sculpey, and been trying out enamel paint. Unfortunately I’ve recently learned it takes forever and a half to dry (“cure”, should I say), so it’ll likely be the last time I ever buy some. Been making earrings for the heck of it.

Anyways, I have nothing worthy of showing tumblr. I’m sorry :c